About Us

My wife and I enjoy fishing in our down time (not much of that) and going to the mountains.  Everywhere we go, we see God and His mighty works.  We notice the smallest things that are usually taken for granted to bring back to the memory of one another, so we will not be at the enemy's disposal.  We love spending time with our family and one another.  We are fun, outgoing and just enjoy spending time doing the Lord's work and what He has called us to do.  It is NOT a burden or a hinderance to us as it shouldn't be for anyone.  If it is, then perhaps, you are just in the wrong area.  God has many places and areas that He needs us to work in - keep searching until you find yours.  Don't EVER give up for that is exactly what the enemy wants, then he wins.  Put Satan under your feet and keep him there in the name of Jesus!!!






Recent Prayer Requests

  • help,

    Precious prayer ,pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine here ,who will not confess Jesus blood in salvation,thanks for helping in glory for God,bless,keijo sweden
  • conviction of our LORD

    herb henderson is very much involved with a satanic occult group~!:( thx 4 praying~!:)